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Does Medicare Cover Dental Benefits?

As a general rule, Medicare only covers supplies and services that are medically necessary. Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) coverage of most dental services is limited, but some services may be covered under certain circumstances. Medicare does not cover routine cleanings, checkups, or fillings. Medicare will never cover dentures. If you need dentures, you will be responsible for the cost. Medicare also does not cover braces.

Medicare will cover dental services that are needed to protect your overall health or if you require a dental service before another health service that is covered by Medicare can be performed. Medicare will not pay for follow-up dental care or for dental-related hospitalizations. Medicare will cover dental services under the following circumstances:

  • You need surgery to treat jaw or face fractures.

  • You have a disease involving your jaw and require dental services before receiving radiation treatment.

  • You need dental splints and wiring because of jaw surgery.

Medicare Advantage plans must offer at least the same benefits as Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), and may also offer more dental benefits than Original Medicare does. Some plans may not include any additional dental benefits, and those that do may charge greater premiums, coinsurance, or copayments. To see if your Medicare Advantage plan covers dental services, contact your plan directly.

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